Not Challenging Enough

Submitted 6 years ago
Adrienne D.
Adrienne D.
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My Take

My overall opinion is it was a great investment for my two and three year old students and can be great for fresh VPK students. This is an application for my students that are in the beginning level of pre-reading. However, it did not challenge my higher level readers and in my opinion did not teach enough on the blended sounds and did not teach it in a manner that my students would benefit. I would like also if they had a way for the students to read the word back with a microphone to add more interactive connection to the application. I would love to have a way to track my students’ progression and print reports for the parents.

How I Use It

I wish I would have read the review written by the Graphite researcher before paying for the application. I wanted to use this app for my VPK class and I wanted to use for Tech Time and it turned out not be as testing as I thought. It did not push my students beyond the point literacy wise they were currently at. Once my three year older students explored the application for three to five months they were beyond it as well. They really love the graphics and the games that are offered but once a child knows the letter sounds, blended sounds and other higher level thinking skills should be next and it did not reinforce it enough to be a benefit for my Jitta Bugs. It did not work at all for my students.