A rich topic-based discussion and debate

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This is a great tool but something to definitely think about is the management piece. How will teachers ensure that the are reading through more information if they don't quite understand the topic just yet. I can see kids just quickly clicking and voting instead of taking their time to understand the topics. But I do like how this is quick to set up and show the kids and then get them up and running.

How I Use It

This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce students to debate discussions and empowering them to research more about a topic that is unknown. I have not taught it yet, but I plan to use this in the classroom soon. I will first introduce it to the class whole group. Then, I could do 3 things. One, I can have students work on it during rotation/centers time. By partnering them up, this will allow for higher engagement while promoting oral language. Next, I could assign it for homework but tracking is something to be watchful of. Lastly, you can also used this as a sponge activity where students who are done with an assignment, early finishers, can utilize this tool to explore ideas and come to a conclusion.