Post-It Notes Taken to the Next Level!

Submitted 5 years ago
Andy L.
Andy L.
Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy
Pleasant Hill CA, US
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My Take

How I think this app as a teaching tool enhances student learning is that it encourages collaboration, and on Bloom Taxonomy's model it touches on almost each of the categories from remembering all the way up to analyzing. To reach the top of the pyramid (create), or Redefinition stage in the SAMR model, I would need to give my students an assignment which allows them to take what they've learned from the activity and express their processed knowledge in some unique way (presentation, paper, video, etc.).

How I Use It

I use Post-It notes pretty frequently in my classroom, whether I have them in groups or want their response to a question individually. Sometimes, I would have students respond to a question on a post-it note and then come up to put it on the whiteboard. But after they go back to their seats, it is a bit small to see everyone's responses clearly, so that's where this app comes to play very nicely. I could, at that point, take a picture of the different ideas on the board (in the Post-It Plus app) then display it on my projector via Apple TV (on my iPad). I could then brainstorm and move things around live and seek my students input without having to read each one aloud. Another awesome way to use this app in the classroom is in a multiple group brainstorming session.