Easy to use website that's full of poetry and lesson ideas!!!

Submitted 8 years ago
Lori  D.
Lori D.
Doddridge County High School
West Union WV, US
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My Take

I think this is a good teaching tool as long as the students are given direction and guidelines ahead of time so that they aren't off on another site and lost. It could stand to be a little more interactive. The information and poems, as well as the ready made lesson plans, are very useful. I think in the SAMR model, this actual website is a substitution for the literature book poems unless used correctly. If taken further, however, the teacher can take it all the way to the redefinition level by adding on extension activities that allow for students to critique and share.

How I Use It

This website is very useful when doing a poetry unit with students. It is nice because even current literature books don't always have the best poems to choose from or could be "boring" to the students. This website allows for more current poems to be read and reviewed by students. The site also provides lesson plans that are ready made for teachers. The lesson plans include lesson introductions, materials, activities, alternate activities, and extensions in some cases. There is also a poetry glossary with the lessons. The "Poem of the Day" is also very neat. This could be used for multiple bell ringer activities and such. I would suggest being prepared and having multiple tasks and assignments ready and previously explained before having students just "browse the site" because they will end up lost and on another site. It could stand to be more interactive. Because it isn't, they could get bored if you don't take the great information and tools on the site and provide the interaction. However, overall, I am a fan!