A fun way to gather quick data on multiple choice responses for lower-tech classrooms.

Submitted 5 years ago
Stephanie P.
Stephanie P.
Evergreen Middle School For Urban Exploration
Brooklyn NY, US
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My Take

Plickers is a great tool for classrooms where students don't have their own devices. My students fight over who gets to hold my phone and scan the class' responses, and they love seeing their name get checked off when their response is recorded. Once they see the breakdown of responses, we are able to have much richer conversations arguing the merits of different answers. Although it takes some time to set up the classroom and print the cards, the efficiency of the data is extremely helpful and the engagement makes it a worthwhile tool for classroom use.

How I Use It

I use Plickers often to support my state test preparation, either as a Do Now or an Exit Slip. Often I will save question sets for practice state exams and use them over multiple years. Once students see their names get checked off as I scan their responses, they get excited to see the breakdown of responses. It brings out a healthy sense of competition, and when I put up the bar graph of student responses, students get much more excited about discussing why they think their answer is best. It also provides me valuable data about content mastery.