An engaging, quick way to guage student understanding

Submitted 7 years ago
Wendy L.
Wendy L.
Omaha Public Schools
Omaha NE, US
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My Take

This is a wonderful tool that can be used K-12. If student names are entered into the class, teachers can gather data during the lesson, but also after the lesson to more closely analyze learning. The power of data driven decision making in the classroom can be leveraged using this tool. Oftentimes teachers are discouraged with technology integration because of the requirement of devices. Plickers takes the access barrier out of the equation.

How I Use It

Plickers is a great tool to gauge student learning in order to drive instruction. It can be used as an entrance ticket at the beginning of instruction, as a formative assessment during instruction, and as an exit ticket at the end of instruction. AND it does not require students to have devices! Only the teacher needs a device and that can be his/her phone. All students need is a piece of paper with a code on it that is printed out by the teacher. I have used Pickers to keep students engaged in content throughout a lesson to check for understanding. I have used it after small group work sessions to check students' learning and comfort after a small group activity. Sometimes I had my questions formulated and other times, I used it on the fly to check for understanding when I had a concern about student understanding of a concept.