Excellent, full featured, easy to use tool for basic photo editing.

Submitted 5 years ago
Matthew K.
Matthew K.
Patuxent Valley Middle School
Savage MD, US
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This application is an excellent tool for teaching basic photo editing concepts. The controls are simple and intuitive and students can quickly apply their learning to additional photos and editing needs. In addition to the teaching of photo editing, it's quick simple features allow for rapid updating of photos (e.g. crop, lighting, color) for use with general instruction or media. The software has a full range of tools from simple filters and preset effects, to the more advanced custom controls for exposure control, contrast, color correction and more. The app's simple layout and intuitive interface make it ideal for use with all students and the range of features mean that it can accommodate the introductory learner. However, for students with more significant learning or support needs, additional assistance will be required. Advanced students will appreciate the wealth of tools and options and provides the flexibility for exploration of features and more creative expression. There have been some ongoing issues with the editor loading properly. A banner advertisement on the right side of the page will often load in such a way that the upper controls do not appear. We've corrected this by loading the browser's "inspect element" tool which seems to correct the page's format, but this does cause some disruption to the workflow. Otherwise, this app has been excellent for all ranges of students.

How I Use It

This free photo editing software is a great tool for any user looking to make quick and easy artistic adjustments to photos. I've used this product in middle school for both introductory photo units as well as with our more experienced student media photographers. By adding the app to our Google Suite, students can upload their photos to their Google Drive and directly open and edit their photos without the need for an additional account or setup. The photos are then saved to their same Google Drive folder. Used with my introductory classes, the software is a great way for students to be introduced to basic photo corrections (lighting, color, composition) as well as an opportunity for them to experiment with more artistic effects (color negatives, tinting, blur and focus filters, etc.). The artistic elements allow for creative expression for a wide array of instructional uses across content areas. For the students on the media team, Pixlr Express (and the sister app, Pixlr Editor) is our go to free photo editor for all student broadcast and publication images.