Creative Commons images appropriate for students download with attribution included!

Submitted 7 years ago
Todd B.
Todd B.
Lancaster Mennonite School
Lancaster PA, US
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My Take

Photos For Class provides a much needed repository of good images with proper license for schools. The fact that the images download with the attribution baked into the image is a huge time-saver for students. The site layout is a little rough, including a few misspellings, but the quality of the content is excellent. A bit more polish and tutorial on how to attribute images would take this site to the top of the image repositories for schools.

How I Use It

Photos for class provides a great learning opportunity for those students whose goto image search is Google. The site can help facilitate a discussion of image licenses and the importance of attribution. The quality of the images on this site varies from snapshot to studio, also giving a chance for students to learn to vet their images for composition before using them in a presentation or a document. The site touts its filtering, and it does seem to be very good. The site makes reporting any questionable images as easy as clicking a link.