Easy to use and contains lots of information.

Submitted 10 years ago
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This app takes pages of information about the elements and puts it into one place. In the past I have asked students to look up atomic information from home using a website or the Reference Table provided to them in class. It often takes them awhile to find all the information they need since it is spread out over several pages or websites. This app replaced the computer and reference table in my classroom. I like the ease that my students have in navigating this app. I am still finding new ways to use this app in my classroom.

How I Use It

Each year I have my students graph the trends that appear in the Periodic Table. In the past, they have used the Reference Table provided to them by the State of New York. Each year the students make numerous mistakes because reading the charts in the Chemistry Reference Table is not very easy and takes getting used to. This activity has often taken students several days to complete. WIth this app, I can complete my Periodic Table graphing activity in one lab period (85 minutes). The students find the information they need very quickly and are able to spend more time understanding the reasons and rationale behind this activity rather than spending the 85 minute period looking up numbers.