Fantastic cooperative and enlightening learning opportunities for students!

Submitted 4 years ago
Carli M.
Carli M.
Graduate Student, Early Childhood Education
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My Take

On paper, this seems like an excellent way for students to learn about the world and interact with other children from different long as the students themselves get engaged in the topic and connect with their pen pals. Some of the comments in the teacher forum seem to indicate that the mechanics of the projects are a little confusing, but overall, the website seems well-constructed. I am excited to have the opportunity to use this in my classroom and will add a new review once I have.

How I Use It

This website provides project-based learning opportunities that would work in my classroom on many levels. Students can learn much about the world from interacting with students from other countries as they explore different topics together. Third grade students could participate in a variety of lessons such as: Schools Around The World, Protecting The Planet, A World of Food, or Fables, Folktales and Mythology, to name a few.

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