Take a peek at some animals from the farm!

Submitted 8 years ago
Sherri C.
Sherri C.
District Technology and Learning Coach
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My Take

This app is very simple, with no extensions available other than identifying animals in other languages. It progressing in a linear way, not allowing students to choose the animals that they want to find. It could be used for short amounts of times for individual or small groups of students to identify animals. Adult interaction for the app would help extend the learning from conversation about the animals that they are seeing. A nice feature is the ability to choose the language that is used for the animal names. Options available are US English, UK English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Cantonese, Mandarin, German, or you can record a new language if yours is not listed. You hear the animal sound before you tap on the barn door, so this provides a good opportunity to predict what animal is coming up next. Students also hear the animal name as well as see it in text to help reinforce what they are hearing. One frustration I see with this app is that I could not find a way to get back to the home screen until you go through all of the animals. Overall, it's a cute app, but doesn't extend learning beyond seeing and hearing animals and their hearing and reading their names.

How I Use It

This app would be used with younger students to identify animals and animal sounds. I would not see using this app for too long in the classroom with students, as the only interaction that students have on their own is to click on the barn doors to reveal the animal that is inside.