Gives a view of how complicated the peace process is but seems to drag on at points with the same responses over and over.

Submitted 7 years ago
Elizabeth H.
Elizabeth H.
Arcadia High School
Phoenix AZ, US
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My Take

I like that as you play you get to either be the leader of Israel or Palestine and you are trying to bring peace to the area. The process is not quick and easy and neither is the game. Players choose between difficulty levels before starting to play. During game play the player has the choice between many actions both positive and negative that affect your score. Over time you can see how your actions are being seen by your own people, the opposition, and the world. The downsides are that after awhile you start to see the same messages over and over again. Another downside is that at points it seems as if you are not making any progress as it is one step forward and two steps back and I think some students would get bored and stop playing. I have not used it with my students yet but I think my honors students would stay more engaged in it then my regular students because they will want to see how it turns out even if it does get a little boring after awhile since you are limited to only so many actions that you can take.

How I Use It

While I have not used it yet I could see giving it to students as an extension on our unit on problems in the Middle East. The game really shows how complicated the peace process is and that there is no quick and easy solution. It is most certainly better for high school students since there is many times where it talks of the violence in the Middle East with pictures and while it says there is video, I could not get it to work even after updating software.