Versatile tool for a tech driven class!

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Padlet is an extremely versatile tool that saves a lot of time for teachers in terms of sharing resources and activity links required for class and is a great substitute for Hyperdocs. It is also great for students for sharing their portfolios and projects. The interface is very user-friendly and is highly customizable with multiple options available in terms of format, exporting, sharing and privacy control.
The only limitation of this tool is that you can only create 8 Padlets using the free account. It is not expensive for the versatility it offers and if your school can support you on it, nothing like it! One workaround is using multiple accounts using different email ids to get more Padlets
Highly recommend this tool in a BYOD set up!

How I Use It

I love Padlet for my classroom! The possibilities of this tool are endless. Here are some of the ways I used Padlet in my classroom:

-Curation of resources using the Shelf format( You can link different Padlets inside a Padlet)
-Student collaboration using the Grid format
-Peer feedback & review using the Stream format( You can use the social media-like functions like/rate/comment )
-Synchronous and asynchronous chat platform for Students using the Backchannel mode

At the beginning of the year, I have students sign up for Padlet and ask them to bookmark the class Padlet which they would be the place they would be used to finding resources and activities for every class. I love the fact that it has Google drive like functionalities of controlling privacy of the content. There are multiple options to share and export the Padlet and you can reuse them once you no longer require them. At the end of the academic year, I share the pdf format of the class Padlet which has live links which in my opinion is pretty awesome!
The Padlet blog also has some great inspiration for how you could use Padlet in different ways.