Simple, intuitive tool for creating digital bulletin boards

Submitted 9 years ago
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Padlet is a slick, simple tool for creating bulletin boards in the classroom. Easily accessible from any browser on a computer, tablet, or phone, Padlet allows users to post simple text or images without creating an account. It's a cinch to customize your board and share it with others. Padlet is an outstanding tool for facilitating discussion, investigating concepts, and project-based learning.

How I Use It

Padlet has completely redefined the old "make a poster" trope in my classroom! We use Padlet to create and present information about new concepts in math to our classmates. We also have discussions about compelling mathematical images (set as the background, which students can post on top of). My 6th-7th graders love watching their contributions pop up in real time. It is a highly engaging tool, and your students will be scrambling to contribute!