Good practice for comparative fractions, but limited in other areas.

Submitted 8 years ago
Tamara L.
Tamara L.
ITRT - Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Hanover County Public Schools
Ashland VA, US
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My Take

Overall, this is an excellent app for teaching comparative fractions; however, that's only a small sliver of a fractions unit in elementary school. While the free app allows 10 free operations a day, these selections for computation are limited with in-app purchases available. The app does have a stats feature which is interesting and can be reset if needed. I would highly recommend this app for comparative fraction remediation, but that's about it.

How I Use It

I used this app with a small group of fifth grade student who were struggling with comparing fractions. I like that you can set your own fractions for comparison so you can practice the actual skills you need (versus a random smattering of fractions that may or may not be required to learn in your standards.) Students slide the words "less" or "greater" into the middle section then click "I'm sure" to self-check their answer. After answering, students can click "Prove it" to manually move rectangular sections to visually prove their answer correct. This capability is essential for struggling students. Students also have the ability to "Peek" before answering which allows them to do the same function as "Prove it", just before answering.