What kid wouldn't like to see themselves on a presentation?

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

I like that it adds another dimension to presentations. I also like that students are able to see how they look and sound while giving presentations. As students are supposed to participate in listening and speaking, this can help them improve in both of those areas. Younger students will need some scaffolding at first to get comfortable using the program. Then, they will enjoy creating their own work. This is very useful for student-led presentations, project-based learning, and other student directed class activities.

How I Use It

This can be used individually or in groups. I have used it in groups as a culminating activity. It adds an extra multimedia element to PowerPoint presentations which can get mundane. If using it with elementary students, the teacher will have to give a lot more support. Also, if the internet/wireless connection is not strong, it can cause it to not run appropriately. Students like adding an extra part to their presentations.