Save time, save space, eliminate mess with these digital manipulatives

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This as well as all the math manipulatives have a clean, elegant interface that is intuitive and inviting. One students learn icons from one app it makes it easier to learn and use the others app. I recommend the whole series of Math apps from this developer they can be used from Kindergarten on.

How I Use It

We use this as one of many options or tools that students have to show their math thinking. With CCSS and support for the Eight Mathematical Practices all the FREE digital math apps from Clarity Innovation provide a wide range of options. We use this for solving Daily Math Challenges, Problem of the Month as well as during whole, small, independent math work. The students have choice inn the tool they use to solve a math problem and then they can use a recording white board to explain their thinking (I.e. EduCreations or Explain Everything) or we share the. Aeolus methods by using AirPlay and students demonstrate their work by projecting it on the screen.