Simple tool for fast collaboration without frills or distractions.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Corkboardme is a simple way to have students collaborate online in groups and provides a simple tool to display notes and images. The site is simple, although not always intuitive to use. Some students struggled with some of the technology embedded in the site in using it, but once students got the hang of it they used it fasted than my teaching colleagues did! It serves well as something that can be used as a digital whiteboard for students or for a teacher looking to share resources as well. Unfortunately without the paid version you canot easily embed the site in a website or wiki for public viewing, but students can access it thorough shared access in an account. It helps that the information on the cork board can be exported using CSV. It would also help to have some support materials for general questions although honestly once students played with it a bit they had it up and running. I like this tool for teaching because it gives visual access to materials and an opportunity to collaborate online as a group.

How I Use It

I have used the tool as a teacher to:
* Pin up a collection of primary sources for my students to view and comment on as a group
* Pin up homework for my parents to access
* pin up a group of leading questions for a unit or assignment that we as a class can then access and change/augment.

My students have:
* Used this as a way to create an annotated timeline
* Used this tool as a way to share resources in research
* Accessed this tool to brainstorm questions about a topic and then organize the questions for research
* they have created a presentation using it and then shared that presentation in class as an alternative to Prezi.

I found the students were faster in grouping the information on the site and finding the nuances to make it work where some teaching colleagues were not so patient and were a bit frustrated at first. One quick and simple mentoring session by a master student resolved that issue!