Awesome Grammar Content with Endless Practice Sentences YOU Don't Have to Generate!

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I love NoRedInk. Students are very engaged by the pop culture and choice aspect of the sentences, and are challenged to gain automaticity by virtue of the endless practice the site can generate.

I love the color-coded dashboard, which makes it really easy to understand what they still need to practice. I wish there was a feature that "diagnosed" errors in student work; not the test, but an actual piece of writing that the program would analyze and automatically use to assign skill work.

How I Use It

I use NoRedInk when students are producing formal writing. As I read papers, I take note of what aspects of grammar individual students are struggling with, and assign them a lesson on that skill on NoRedInk. I then help them identify and fix those types of problems in their writing. Students loved that they could choose the topics of the sentences and found the site very easy to navigate.

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