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This program based on Nickelodeon Junior television shows offer a wide variety of interaction throughout different TV shows. This program would be any toddler's best friend. They offer a lot of skill builders and interaction geared for any level. Bright colors and big letters are great for any child. As a teacher this program would serve for kids with special needs as well as infants and toddlers to use as great skill builders. If you or someone who is interested in using this program I would highly suggest doing so it's great for both individual work as well as building language for students just entering school. Encouraging all children to learn and promoting academic success is important, and this program supports both.

How I Use It

Often there are programs that are set to a educational curriculum without the use of fun or bright colors. Nickelodeon Junior sets the bar high using their inter-active characters to represent different features involving the parent lesson plan from the beginning. It also involves a basic custom learning plan to your to your child's learning level. as your child progresses through different tasks there are some cute printable's that you can use to help engage your child in active learning environment. The support system offered by Beyond the backpack offers activities that will engage your child and help build their concrete knowledge. I would highly recommend for any parent who has a child either preschool or elementary level in the lower grades to take the quiz you don't have much to lose. Your kid will be smiling for hours!