Pro Paywall Makes Tool Useless

Submitted 3 years ago
Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B.
Brookside School
Springville UT, US
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My Take

This tool used to be great before they locked everything up. It is a little frustrating to try to find an article on the Maya or Aztecs, only to be faced with a snippet of article and a "pay to read more." I'm not talking a few articles and subjects locked up, EVERY ONE of their articles in their library is designated as "PRO."

I guess its great if you can get your organization to pay for it. As for me, I'm out of luck.

How I Use It

I used to use this all the time. In small group reading, I used it to teach nonfiction reading skills and quiz students as well as provide vocabulary support. In whole group, I used it as a way to have students read and discuss subjects on their level (since the content was the same, they usually didn't even know they got different articles). For extensions, I'd give extra readings. It used to be a great site! However, all subject-related content is now blocked behind a solid paywall. If you want to access anything but biased recent news, you or your school/district is going to have to pay.