NEWSELA for Research!

Submitted 4 years ago
Aspen M.
Aspen M.
Forest Hills Middle School
Sidman PA, US
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My Take

I am a Newsela Certified Teacher Trainer, and I think that this is a great tool that offers many opportunities for professional development. It's a great instructional tool. There are some topics and resources I wish they had more articles on, but if you're looking for information pertaining to works in the canon, they're all readily accessible.

How I Use It

I have used this product for non-fiction articles in terms of reading them and writing responses. I have also used them and curated text sets for informational literacy based on what content I'm teaching, or for research. For example, I created a text set for Shakespeare which was extremely helpful in terms of providing historical information and contemporary views on Shakespeare and his works. The students were able to access and read content-specific information for the ELA discipline. Newsela is user-friendly, and I appreciated the fact that the reading levels of the articles are based on student readability as they read and respond to articles over time.