Current event for all reading levels

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I found Newsela very helpful as a teaching tool. I loved the fact that you can join and use many features for free. It allowed me to differentiate the reading while still maintaining the content to allow all of my students to participate in class discussions. I also appreciate the range of topics, not just current events but also art, history, etc. Keeping in mind that not all students have access to computers at home, it is equally helpful that you can have students read the articles and take the quizzes online or be able to print the articles. One of my only frustrations I had was finding the same article multiple times using the search feature. There were times when I found an article, printed it out, then tried to go back at a later date to search for the article with no success. Eventually I did find them but only after trying multiple filters. Overall I find this a great teaching tool.

How I Use It

I used Newsela while teaching current events in a class that had a range of reading levels. I typically assign the articles for homework and have my students take the quiz to check for comprehension. The articles were current and led themselves to student led discussions the following day. Each student was able to access the information in the article because I could offer them the reading level that they needed. This removed the pressure of reading and allowed my students to become more invested in the content.