Up-to-date science discoveries at adjustable reading levels

Submitted 8 years ago
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I like the fact that I can adjust the article to meet the needs of my ELL students. The articles are not very long, so kids don't get overwhelmed usually. I require my students to annotate the text and summarize the main ideas in the margin. The assignment serves as a supplemental, up-to-date reading on a topic we're discussing as well as a way for me to tell how well they are annotating.

How I Use It

I use this product as a supplement to a topic I'm teaching in biology. The website has a wide range of current news articles. which can be adjusted by lexile measures and therefore address the needs of multiple reading levels. The website also has the option of providing comprehension questions for each article.
It works great for substitute plan days, for homework, and to keep track of students' reading abilities and accuracy of responses (if you create online accounts and read and respond online.)