Don't spend another minute of your prep time looking for highly engaging news articles at the appropriate reading level for your students, Newslea has done it for you.

Submitted 8 years ago
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Newslea's tag line states, "Read Closely. Think Critically. Be Worldly." With that, I was in love. I have spent much of my prep time searching for news articles that would be of high interest to my students and at their reading level. This website GIVES it to you. The articles themselves are free. I signed up for a trial of the pro version, but it seems that there is no need to pay and subscribe unless you want to track student growth. I am extremely excited to use this tool in my classroom to create engaging lessons while covering the Common Core standards.

How I Use It

Newslea is an online site where teachers can get highly engaging news articles at various Lexile levels. It begins near the 600 level; the site says that it is for 3rd grade and up. Teachers can create different class titles and add articles that would be appropriate for that class into the digital binder. The articles can be read on individual computers, displayed on the SMART board, or printed out. There are quizzes to quickly assess student understanding online next to each article. The variety and daily updated news articles make this a better option than any weekly magazine that teachers could order to come to their classroom.