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Submitted 7 years ago
Kris H.
Kris H.
Instructional Technology Specialist
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My Take

I really like all of the resources the National Archives provides, especially the high quality primary source documents. The lesson plans are organized in a way to engage students and to help them learn. The search tool can take some time to get comfortable with, but it gives you access to a lot of great and unexpected resources.

How I Use It

I’ve used their resources in a wide variety of ways. The Docs Teach lesson plans always contain high quality materials and include lots of primary sources. I connected with the National Archives through videoconferencing at least a dozen times over the years. The videoconferences are tailored to fit the needs of our students. I have also used their search tools with students doing multimedia and research projects. The search can be a bit challenging. Sometimes you find a lot of useful resources, other times you do not. It all depends on what they have available.