Fun and Engaging Sight Word Practice!

Submitted 7 years ago
Jennifer K.
Jennifer K.
Math and Science Coach
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The Mystery of the app is that students find outlaws through the town. To catch each outlaw students explore a building in the town finding gold to capture them. Solving the mystery throughout the app make this highly engaging to students. Every time they capture a wanted criminal in the game it encourages it capture another outlaw.

Your students who are gamers will love and be energized by solving each level while they practice making sight words. There is the possibility of some frustration with some students if they cannot find the gold in a particular building. In the same way, the game might get monotonous as they go through each building looking for gold.

This app is different from most of the sight word practice type apps. Your students will enjoying using this app because it's not your normal sight word practice app.

How I Use It

This is a great app for practicing sight words. It has everything that you need to engage your students. It has a bank of sight words to start but, the great thing about this app is you can add your own sight words to customize student learning. So this app can be used over and over again by many different students.

It would be great as a literacy center, but also you could use it for individual student remediation. You could even use it for homework if you wanted to because the app can be tailored to meet any student's needs.