FUn Math Skill Practice Through 50

Submitted 7 years ago
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I like that the skill levels can be adjusted to one of 3 different options for each of the 4 operations. The operations can also be selected. This provides a lot of differentiation for both low and advanced math students. The app is also unique in that it provides students the answer to an equation and they have to create the problem. Many times there's more than one correct equation that can be created, prompting the understanding of equivalency. The graphics and story line (finding dragonflies) are engaging, but don't get in the way of the math, which remains the focus. Unfortunately there's no help for students who complete equations incorrectly. They are prompted to try different numbers, but there's no teaching or explanation involved. The app creates profiles for students so they can resume their own level when returning to the game.

How I Use It

My students play Mystery Math Museum either during center time or math choice time. It's not offered every week, to keep it fresh, but they can choose it about every 3 weeks. It is helpful both while we are working on addition and subtraction, and as review of those concepts when we are covering other topics, such as geometry.