Simple but fun, open-ended dollhouse for young kids

Submitted 8 years ago
Joanna S.
Joanna S.
Carolina Friends School
Durham NC, US
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My Take

This dollhouse is a good choice for a play-based early childhood program, special needs classrooms, or therapy environments. It is quite similar to a real dollhouse--the people move in limited ways (they will stand, sit, or lay down, and hold some objects) and some items in the house are interactive (lights turn on and off, toys and furniture move around, stereo turns on, etc.). There is some racial diversity in the families, and you can access all the dolls in any room (they fall in and bounce around when you select them). There are multiple moms and dads, so you can create any type of family you choose. This app would be a good choice when a real dollhouse is impractical, or for helping young children become familiar with the iPad interface.

How I Use It

For unstructured play with preschoolers.