A global learning community platform designed to give students a voice and to collaborate with learners around the world

Submitted 2 years ago
Denae Y.
Denae Y.
Mile High Academy
Highlands Ranch CO, US
My Rating

My Take

Overall, the website is easy to navigate. Signing up as a classroom teacher took less than 5 minutes. Before I can set up my classroom project or class code, the creators take time to confirm and approve your role at your school. I appreciate that step of security. The idea of creating learning groups and classroom projects is especially appealing. It appears much of the learning can be teacher-led and student-driven. I can't wait to show students the various ways in which they can share information with others. Another appealing aspect of the website is access to various tutorials, videos, and resources for implementation in the classroom. I found the lesson plans tab to be very helpful and I love that teachers may submit their own lesson plans. There is so much curated content for specific subjects and I can see dozens of ways to incorporate this website into my classroom for next year.

How I Use It

I will implement the My Hero website into my classroom next school year. The content is recommended for grades 5+, however I can see many ways to adapt to the learning levels of my third graders. I look forward to students being able to learn and share through digital storytelling, music, and art. This content will tie in very well with our social studies and ELA units.