Your Galaxy, Not So Far Away

Submitted 8 years ago
Michael G.
Michael G.
Bayshore Middle School
Leonardo NJ, US
My Rating

My Take

I feel that this app would work better in a high school setting, in conjunction with a unit on astronomy. It allows for authentic research and individual-paced student learning.
There were a couple of loading glitches when used, so make sure to have a strong WiFi signal when you use.
Highly recommend teachers to use this app prior to lesson so that you get a feel for the movement and section categories.

How I Use It

Mobile Observatory is a great learning display platform that allows student learning from individual, small group, or teacher-led whole instruction. We used the app as a "Do Now" and current event lesson. Students selected a celestial even that was happening during the week and they had to report out the event trough pic and social media. It also allowed for small groups to learn more about specific planets in our solar system.
I thought that the app was well constructed, and students had little hesitation in navigating their way through it. It did have astronomical jargon, which confused students.