Engages students in the process of creating and coding an application for mobile devices.

Submitted 8 years ago
Darren H.
Darren H.
Lexington Public Schools
Lexington NE, US
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My Take

MIT app inventor provided my students with the ability to use an application that they envisioned then created and coded. This provided engagement for my students and they learned how to collaborate with others to find answers to coding questions they had. I really like MIT app inventor, it provided my students with the learning challenge and opportunity to code I was looking for. My only suggest would be that you have multiple android tablets or devices for students to use as they create and build their application. My students were disappointed that they could not use what they created on their iOS devices. Which we knew and understood before we started.

How I Use It

I used MIT App Inventor with a 7th grade enrichment class to teach students how to code an application for a mobile device. This was challenging and engaging for my students as they created and collaborate on building applications. Students learned coding skills as they designed their application. They collaborated with partners in the classroom and also learned how to use online wikisites and blogs to help them answer questions they had about how to code their ideas as they created their app. One problem that my students faced was that some computers struggled with the online emulator working and running the app they had created.