Office Forms - Is it a fun and worthy competitor to Google's Forms?

Submitted 9 months ago
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My Take

It is a versatile produce, growing in usability each time I login. I like that you can choose between a form and a quiz, depending on what you are hoping to achieve. I like that it can be shared with people both in and outside of the organisation, and it can be embedded into a website, sent via email, or accessed through a scanable QR code. It some cool design features as well, from preset colors and graphics, to uploading your own. I don't like that all features can be used when creating question types for a quiz. There are really only two valid options for me; choice and text (although text is very particular). It is a worthy competitor to Google Forms.

How I Use It

In the classroom (off and online). I have used the quiz feature to help students access their understanding. I have also used the form part to collect feedback on my own teaching style for reflection purposes.
Outside the classroom I have used it for collecting data from parents during the pandemic to collect travel data; needed for return to campus.
It works really well, just make sure that you share the correct link i.e. not the collaboration link with students.