Membean: Unbeatable differentiation and versatility

Submitted 3 years ago
Dega L.
Dega L.
West Carteret High School
Morehead City NC, US
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My Take

This is a fantastic, easy to use teaching tool. There are many support videos within the program for teachers and students. Membean actually gleams information from a team of teachers across the country gaining feedback on the program, which is why enhancements and updates are frequent to meet the needs of students and teachers. For example, one of the future updates will allow the program to be accessible on any device and function properly. It is already accessible, but it does not always load in the way it is intended.

How I Use It

I use Membean for in-depth vocabulary study with all of my courses from students needing extra support to my honors-level students. For high school, there are options for students performing below expectations because of the program design grades sixth through twelve. A sixth-grader, who is significantly behind - low literacy, will begin at the first level for middle school. Membean offers different levels within the middle school model. It may take the low literacy student a while to progress. The teacher would set the differentiation tools to help low-literacy students be more successful using the program. There are many settings including settings specific for students with dyslexia. Membean offers writing options, novel study accompaniments, pod-casts, and so much more. I can use it for independent study with my students with the assessment model. I can add things to enrich the experience for my students with the experts from Membean available around the clock. The support from Membean is unbelievable.