This program has helped me deliver a differentiated vocabulary list to all my students.

Submitted 4 years ago
Dee Anna P.
Dee Anna P.
Kentucky Country Day School
Louisville KY, US
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My Take

I really like Membean. It is a unique way to use digital technology to advance vocabulary learning. Students will tell me that they have run across their Membean words in other books or writing. For the majority of my students, when they take their time and are truly engaged with the training, they are able to master new vocabulary in their writing and speech because of this program. For those that get distracted easily and lose interest, it can become a challenge for them. It helps me because I do not have to develop a unique list of words for each student, and I don't have to grade their quizzes. It is all done by the program and with much documentation.

How I Use It

I require my 5th graders to do three sessions of 15 minutes each week for a total of 45 minutes. Sometimes they have class time to do this, but more often it is assigned as homework. They can choose the three days of the week they want to train, and it is always due on Mondays. I give a quiz every three to four weeks of training. The students seem to like it when it is new, but after several months, it becomes more of a chore for some. Others like that it is an easy homework grade.

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