Membean is AWESOME for individualized, differentiated vocab learning!

Submitted 3 years ago
Katie R.
Katie R.
Bayside Academy
Daphne AL, US
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My Take

It has saved me time with its well-thought out platform and ability to generate individualized quizzes that grade themselves. The staff at Membean is very fast to respond if any issues arise. It allows students to learn vocabulary in a unique way that reviews and reinforces their new knowledge over time.

How I Use It

Every other week, my students do approx. 45 minutes of time broken into three 15-minute sessions and then take a quiz. It allows students to learn at their own pace and have a plethora of options regarding how to learn the word, its uses, etymology, and definition, one of which is to view interesting, modern videos that use the words as they learn. It's imperative that students have head phones in their backpacks to be able to utilize this app completely. The only downfall is that sometimes they sneakily choose to listen to music instead of the audio on Membean. Students are very grateful not to have to complete a vocab workbook any longer!

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