Fantastic! Leave enough time to play it through.

Submitted 10 years ago
Susan  R.
Susan R.
Lebanon High School
Lebanon NH, US
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My Take

Mayan Mysteries is a puzzle-based game that requires users to read/learn clues (the actual lessons) to be able to then answer questions in order to advance in the game .

Available for both mobile device and as web-based program the game cover topics in history, geography, culture, and more.

Students learn about unearthing artifacts and studying their significance.

This game is very educational and challenging.

Having worked through a few levels I am still feeling like I would like to get in and play more.

What’s awesome about Mayan Mysteries is the classroom version comes with a Teacher Management System that allows teachers to follow each student’s progress in terms of competencies in accordance with the NCSS Curriculum Standards.

Mayan Mysteries is also aligned with the Common Core standards for Language Arts and Math.

The classroom version (30 units) is $299.00, while the single version is $21.99.

I found the game to be engaging and informative.

I learned new things playing it myself.

The appropriate age range for this game is approximately 10 – 110.

Mayan Mysteries seems to offer a great deal of support, both technical and instructional.

It was nice that lessons are provided and found those helpful and adequate, but would have liked to see alignment with standards/CC.

How I Use It

I would make this game the core of an associated unit in my curriculum.