Best adaptive math program I have ever used

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I love the program, see my students succeeding on tests and quizzes and plowing through content. They love it, I love it.

How I Use It

I was sure I would not like this program, because after 15 years in the class room I was sure I needed to be in front of the class. However, I LOVE the program and so do my students. I now spend 5 - 10 minutes or so discussing progress from the day before, addressing and major misconceptions I noticed from the data. Then my students work for the rest of the class. I keep white boards and markers at each desk and the kids do the work. If needed they click a hint or watch a video. If they still need help they consult with a peer or call me over. I spend my day really helping kids one to one learn what they need to know. It works with struggling learners and with honors. Because the program adapts to where the student is, they are not locked out of the learning and if they hit a wall, I am able to see this in the data and address the problem with them immediately.