This is a decent tool for providing students with differentiated math instruction.

Submitted 9 years ago
Stephanie  E.
Stephanie E.
K-12 Science Instructional Specialist
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My Take

Overall this would be an o.k. tool to use for teaching math concepts. I liked the ease of setting it up and having students log-in. I also liked that I could assign various lesson paths to different students while still giving students a choice about the things they wanted to do. It would be a tool students could use at home or at school in order to get more math practice. I think many of the printable worksheets and assessments seemed "old-fashioned". The activities were not interactive enough and did not impress me as being up-to-date in terms of technology. In this day and age it takes a lot to impress kids and adults. This website has the right idea, but needs to update photos, videos, and include more technology enhanced assessment items.

How I Use It

I would probably use this product to provide individual students with extra math practice. I may even leave some of the printable lessons and assessments for a substitute teacher. The year-long lesson paths are a nice way to differentiate instruction and the one-click log-in for students is great. They like being able to chose their own avatar and it was not distracting. I do not think it will hold student interest very long though. Some of the videos are dry and boring. The assessments are all multiple choice and students were confused about where to click on the correct answer choice.