Visually stimulating for students with ASD & helps w/ fluency training

Submitted 10 years ago
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This app is frequently used to reinforce single digit computation following a lesson and/or individual practice. Students who completed paper/pencil tasks enjoy practicing their skills using the iPad as it is interactive and embraces their strongest modalities/learning styles. It would be awesome if the app could be customized to put to in the facts that are being studied.

How I Use It

Again, I believe that the bests apps are the apps that allow for customization so that teachers/parents can individualize the content to match the content needed for the child. In Math Bingo, there are different levels, but not all students naturally know all the facts in each level. Being able to add facts in a sequential hierarchy would be helpful. We still continue to use this app to reinforce learn skills at the students demonstrates mastery of single digit computation with addition/subtraction. We increase the level to maximize accurate student responding.