Great way to practice math concepts especially Fractions

Submitted 8 years ago
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Marble Math is a fun and engaging app that practices and reinforces key math objectives. The point of the game is to solve equations by dragging the marble to the correct numbers or fraction. I know that my students are drawn to the graphics of the game. I like that the levels become more challenging based on the individuals scores. If the student get the answer in correct the app allows you to replay the question, or gives you the correct answer through simulation. It's a great tool for a center, review for a test, or practice. It is a great way to allow kids to practice their math concepts. It's definitely worth the in app fee.

How I Use It

I love this app it is away that I allow the students to practice math concepts for a few minutes a day. It helps with problem solving skills that most students lack. My students enjoy practicing their fractions through marble math. finding equivalent fractions has never been so much fun.