Great interactive activities for practicing math skills in ways that kids enjoyed

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I knew that I loved Manga High when my 15-17 year olds loved it. Our first stab at using it for whole class instruction was the mummy game and as the levels progressed, my students felt not only challenged but excited to progress through the game. The terminology used does not always align with some of the terms that we use in the US, but for our kids, it also added another view of how others do the same math but sometimes through a different lens. Let me be clear in saying that this is simply an electronic interactive self-checking worksheet. Where Manga High struggles at is on meaningful application and thought inducing questioning.

How I Use It

I used Manga High to support both individual and whole class learning. Manga High is a gamified system that tracks student progress while also adapting to their needs. I loved that I could just let the glass work in areas of their choice or assign specific areas depending on need. At the end of class, my students played games as a whole class and when needed, students used Manga High to do more specific math practice. My high school algebra 1 and geometry class loved them!