Flower Power Boosts Fractions and Decimals

Submitted 10 years ago
Kim  P.
Kim P.
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North Fairview Elementary
Topeka KS, US
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Flower Power challenges you to put fractions and decimals in order from the lowest value to the highest value by arranging flower blooms on a stem. As you get correct answers, you earn money that you can allow to accumulate so you can build up your cash or clip your flowers and collect your bounty. An additional aspect is you are racing against the clock to get the flowers in order. Different types of flowers are different values of money, so when things really get moving it is more valuable to focus on the higher valued flowers. Lots of quick thinking going on in this fun game!

There is a help section that does a nice job of explaining how to order fractions and decimals for students that need help thinking though the process.

How I Use It

Competitive students will enjoy the challenge of ordering the flowers and collecting the money. This is a great choice for students to use during math practice time or as a free choice. It is so entertaining, you almost forget it is very educational!