Maker's Empire is an outstanding 3D Design program! It has a great curriculum and easy to follow interface

Submitted 3 years ago
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I highly recommend this program. It is worth the money for a school license. The students love it and often go on at home on their own time to create 3D designs. The interface is extremely easy for the students to learn and very entertaining. They can create their own avatars and the more designs they create, the more coins they earn which they can use to add more things to their avatars and also open up more tools in the design screen. (though there are plenty of free ones as well). I like that they can design in a free way and also choose to use blocks to design (Minecraft-like). I can easily assess students' work as well. Maker's Empire was what I was looking for to take my design program to the next level!!

How I Use It

I teach Computer Science to K-4th grade and therefore 3D design for our 3D printers. I use this with 2nd - 4th grade. I had students go through the set challenges that are grade level specific. They worked in class and were also able to work at home as well with the account. For example - I asked them to create a fantasy house, complete with a "fun" factor. I also had them enter the monthly competitions as well. I was able to set up classrooms and go in and see students' work easily and was able to give comments to the students on the program. There were a few bugs with the teacher view, but the Maker's Empire team is very responsive!!