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Made with Code

Enticing projects and inspiring videos offer anyone an intro to coding

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Pros: Engaging coding projects, inspiring videos, and access to online community resources make coding relevant to tweens and teens.

Cons: Projects are relatively short and cap off after a few levels; beyond that, kids will benefit from other resources to further their coding skills.

Bottom Line: Solid intro to coding with diverse projects geared toward tween/teen girls; sets foundation to explore deeper level coding and logic activities.

Made with Code does a great job introducing kids to visual-based coding. Projects are relatively short, can be used for individual or group work, and are relevant to tween/teen interests. Consider the mentor videos as discussion points about opportunities in the tech industry; use Host a Party to inspire a whole-class coding challenge or for Hour of Code; collaborate with other projects in your area to build a network of young coders.

After completing a few projects, kids will be ready to apply their skills in other coding platforms such as Scratch, Code Avengers, Codemoji, or Codecademy. Many popular robotics kits run on Blockly code, too, so this website’s a great launching pad into the world of robotics.

Editor's Note: Made with Code is no longer available as a standalone site.

Google’s Made with Code aims to introduce girls to the world of coding through various resources including tutorials, videos, partner projects, and community connections. Tutorial projects use Blockly, a visual programming language where blocks fit together into logical sequences to complete a task. Choose from a dozen custom coding projects such as designing an avatar or GIFs, enabling a dance visualizer or music mixer, and more.

What makes this site stand out from others is its mentor videos and community resources. Inspiring videos showcase a diverse range of female coders from industries including robotics, fashion, public service, entertainment, and healthcare. These coding women defy gender stereotypes and model opportunities in a typically male-dominated field. Similarly, the Community and Resource pages showcase partnership projects created by teams of teen coders, as well as a searchable database of coding opportunities across the United States.

Made with Code teaches kids coding concepts like variables, modifiers, and sequences through relatable projects. The interface is familiar for coding/media design tools and consists of a layout window with tools, a work place, and a viewer panel. Creations are built in an x-y axis and kids can see variable changes in real time. So overall, it’s easy to use. The drag-and-drop, Blockly coding language breaks down programming concepts step by step and is very accommodating to beginners, as blocks must fit together for the code to run properly. Project goals are well-explained and sequenced into steps, so it’s also great for teaching logic. Once kids achieve mastery in Made for Code, they can apply their skill set to intermediate- and advanced-level coding tools.

Be sure to check out the mentor and peer videos for inspiring stories of how coding works in the world around us. Regardless of gender, Made with Code’s a great launching pad for any emerging coder.

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Rewarding activities let kids custom-code music, avatars, GIFs, and more. Mentor videos offer a broad view of coding to promote greater understanding and motivation.


Drag-and-drop, visually-based, Blockly coding language makes great entry point for beginners. Projects are diverse and learning transfers easily to higher-level coding.


There are clear instructions with each project, and some extra support is offered in pop-up windows and through Hint buttons. Leveling helps develop skills and mentor videos are inspiring.

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Kim A.
Kim A. Educational Technology Specialist

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A great place to start kids thinking about coding and computer science!

I love Made with Code and I think that it uniquely doesn't just present coding activities or games but also showcases where the "magic" happens so that girls, specifically, can see themselves in the work. I do have to say that the activities aren't updated as often as I would like and could also stand to have multiple entires, beginning-advanced. The reality, though, is that it isn't meant to be long term stand alone curriculum but is meant to be short spurts of ideas to show what can be made with code and it does that very well.

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