Helpful resource for reading skills

Submitted 5 months ago
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My Take

As an outsider looking in, I think this resource looks promising as a teaching tool. I liked that the software allows the teacher to monitor the individual progress of each student. Since there's presumably a set metric to measure each category, the teacher could have faith in how students are then split up into groups.

How I Use It

As a person doing research for a college course without first-hand experience, I would use this resource as intended. At the beginning of the academic year, and at set intervals during the year, I would assign small readings for my students to complete either in class or at home. Based on the results of the assigned readings, I can see what skills each student is struggling with and see if there are students that share the same struggles. I could pair the students with the most similar struggles with each other so instead of personalizing an assignment for each student, I have a set few groups to assign work for. However, when doing this, I would not disregard personal struggles; if a student is struggling, I would reach out to help.