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Submitted 8 years ago
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I am a transition specialist. The big part of my job is to meet individually with students to help prepare them for life after high school. My students all have a range of special needs, and some of them this tool would not be helpful but there are others it would. LinkedIn is great for adults to make job connections and to put an appropriate social presence out there. Also, part of my position is to educate them on their social networking presence on the internet, and how that can affect them getting particular jobs in the future. What I love about LinkedIn is that I can show my student how to create an appropriate presence on this site and to make possible job connections.

How I Use It

I really use this site to demonstrate to my students how they can make appropriate work connections in the future. I also use it on they can look for jobs in the future and how to connect with people on a social networking site in a professional way. I want my students to see how they can create a resume type profile and utilize this tool in the future when they are looking for internships in college and future jobs. I mainly introduce this site to them, so can use it as a personal tool.