Super engaging and the kids really respond to seeing their Lexile levels go up as they answer questions correctly.

Submitted 8 years ago
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I really like this program even if I know I will miss having the kids read from the classroom library. One issue though is realizing what books to order and convincing the admin to buy the number of books you need. We are sharing the books through the whole school so teachers are going to have to be really careful about getting kids to make sure that the return the books digitally or other students can't check them out.

How I Use It

My school adopted Lightsail and we had a kind of soft intro this year with a small population of the school. The students were engaged and really liked the teacher feedback and being able to see their Lexile level go up. It made a fairly abstract concept (Lexile) concrete. I love the conferencing and being able to communicate with my students digitally. There are digital records of all of my conferences and notes.