Great App to Support Student Independent Reading

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I like that both the students and I could track the students progress--both the number of books read and the genres. I like that it is a way for my students to have choice in what they read but also holds them accountable for their thinking and the common core standards. My students appreciate the conference aspect and that it is tablet-based so that they aren't responsible for remembering to bring bits of paper to school. LightSail allows me personalize my reading instruction and allows my students personal choice and personal accountability. All students' needs can be met--from those who only read fiction books (and are encouraged to set goals to increase the number of nonfiction books read) to those who struggle with reading to those who need a challenge.

How I Use It

I was really excited to find LightSail. I had been using an online reading log program that never made it out of beta, and the creators of that program suggested I check out LightSail. I value student choice and opportunities for independent reading, and LightSail is the perfect product for that. Each trimester, students set goals for the genres and number of books they will read using LightSail. I am able to track their reading stamina (the number of books read), the genres, and their reading comprehension (so that I know that they are actually reading the books--always a potential issue with a reading log). Students are also able to set reading comprehension goals and practice those ELA goals while reading their independent reading books.

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