eReader app is a game changer for independent reading time

Submitted 8 years ago
Ruth O.
Ruth O.
Victory Elementary School
Portsmouth VA, US
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LightSail is a great tool to use to monitor students during independent reading time. While reading, students answer quick comprehension checks. The data is then made available to the teacher who can make instructional decisions based on it. Collecting the data in this way helps to get intervention to the student much faster. No more waiting until the student has floundered through a few chapters.

How I Use It

Assigning a class novel is easy and then as students read, I can look at the data provided to see trends. Based on the data I can pull a small group for a mini lesson before the class discussion. Using the app, I can create notes and use them to model think-alouds during the mini lesson. This helps the students who are struggling to get a better sense of what is happening in the book. They can join the discussion with more confidence and better prepared to contribute to the discussion. I can then take those same students and depending on their needs pre-teach the vocabulary or walk them through an advanced organizer for the next chapter.

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